The Eastland Hotel in 1918The Eastland Hotel was built as a Rooming House in 1918 during the “Oil Boom” in North Central Texas. The structure housed The Princess Theater and Stanley CafĂ© on the 1st floor and The Stanley Hotel on the 2nd & 3rd floors.

In 1919, The Connellee Theater (now the Majestic Theater) was built on the South Side of the structure. The common wall has necessitated the need for a vent shaft, which adds an interesting architectural design. Prior to air conditioning, air circulation was accomplished by opening windows throughout (little privacy).

The Stanley Hotel in Eastland TexasRenovation and the adaptive reuse of the building began in 1995. The small Rooming House rooms were combined to allow for spacious rooms and private baths. Although modern amenities, plumbing, and wiring were incorporated into the structure, you’ll find that the restored tin ceilings and vintage doors give The Eastland Hotel a charm and comfort not envisioned by her designers.





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